Providing a home for a child is generous and kind. Adoptive parents want to love, support, and integrate adopted children into their families. Still, even in the most loving situations, struggle and disappointment can affect everyone involved.

Adoption is psychologically complicated for children, adoptive parents, and birth parents. While most people approach adoption with the best intentions, issues facing adopted children and their families can be difficult in unforeseen ways. Problems with love, loss, identity, and attachment are normal with adoption, and they are painful. Yet, when these issues are anticipated and dealt with directly, they can strengthen relationships and self-confidence.

Children’s minds develop in conjunction with the mental and emotional bonds they make with caregivers. The process of infant-caregiver attachment happens early in life, and is critical for healthy development. Disruptions in the bonds between children and their biological mothers, even before birth, can cause problems for children. Facing these problems, and understanding what they mean, is the way to resolution.

Addressing Adoption Issues Through Therapy

Psychoanalytic therapists are particularly qualified to work with issues associated with adoption. Therapy that targets improving relationships, understanding psychological dynamics, and treatment of attachment problems, tends to bring a great deal of relief. Psychoanalytic therapy can facilitate mental and emotional development that resolves past and present concerns.

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