James Rainwater, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist in Boulder, Colorado, who believes that mental health treatment should emphasize personal development and the pursuit of health. He views the clinical practice of psychoanalytic therapy as a means to self-awareness and interpersonal improvement. Symptoms of mental and emotional struggles are seen as opportunities to make positive changes.

Dr. Rainwater maintains full-time psychotherapy practice in Boulder. He works with adults, teens, and families. He supervises doctoral candidates and psychotherapists for licensure. Prior to private practice, Dr. Rainwater was the clinical coordinator and staff supervisor of a New England inpatient facility. He received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Union Institute and University. He holds a M.A. in Psychology from Vermont State College, and B.A. from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His education includes several years of postdoctoral training and mentorship in psychoanalysis, as well as training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI). He is a member of the Denver Psychoanalytic Society, the Vermont Association for Psychoanalytic Studies, and the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Rainwater has done award-winning research on psychoanalytic therapy with children and adolescents who have been diagnosed with ADHD. He received a research award from the Vermont Association for Psychoanalytic Studies for this work. He remains active in the promotion of psychoanalysis as the foremost therapeutic modality for individual and social mental health.

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